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Gold Rush Lacrosse is set out to develop confident, well-rounded lacrosse players; incorporating the close quarters, rugged skill set, and dynamics of box lacrosse. 
Joe Walters | Rochester Knighthawks

There are endless benefits from playing box lacrosse that will positively impact a player's field game:


  • Quick decisions with the ball

  • Pinpoint passing and shooting accuracy

  • Off-ball play

  • Picking up loose balls in traffic

  • Playing positional defense

  • Pushing the ball in transition

  • The ball is always in play, leading to a faster and exciting pace

"Through my personal experience of playing box lacrosse at the highest level and seeing firsthand how it impacted my overall performance, I am making it my duty to educate those that are unsure and help players reach their fullest potential that come on board." - Joe Walters

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